Gorgeous 1960s Vintage Pedigree Teddy Bear

Wendy Boston / Pedigree Teddy Bear zip off coat

Antique Pedigree Bear, Great Condition. 1930s Original Dress.

Vintage Old Pedigree Mohair Pull along Dog mohair straw filled with kitsch wheel

Antique Vintage Pedigree Jointed Golden Mohair Teddy Bear C.1950s

Vintage Pedigree talking teddy bear 1960’s

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Pedigree Dentastix

Pedigree:  Pedigree Dentastix

£12.29 from British Corner Shop

Looking after your dog`s teeth is of the utmost importance – after all, those gnashers get a lot of use!…more

Pedigree Mixer

Pedigree:  Pedigree Mixer

£9.19 from British Corner Shop

Pedigree Mixer is a complimentary pet food for adult dogs that contains essential vitamins and minerals to provide your…more

Pedigree Gravy Bones Original

Pedigree:  Pedigree Gravy Bones Original

£3.49 from British Corner Shop

Give your dog a crunchy, savoury treat with Pedigree Gravy Bones!…more

Pedigree Small Bite Mixer

Pedigree:  Pedigree Small Bite Mixer

£5.29 from British Corner Shop

Pedigree Small Bite Mixer are great treats for your dog!…more


£8.99 from Waterstones

“It`s a book less on what I did than on what others, mainly my parents, did to me”Taking in a vast gallery of extraordin…more

Pedigree Cheesy Nibbles Cheese And Beef

Pedigree:  Pedigree Cheesy Nibbles Cheese And Beef

£2.89 from British Corner Shop

Dogs love Pedigree Cheesy Nibbles!…more

Items 1 to 6 of 8252